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Basel Basel-Town Switzerland
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Forecast 11th September, 2023
Mostly clear
Mostly clear
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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

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Basel votes to Ban Smoking

Basel Stadt has voted 27,427 against 24,533 to ban smoking in all Restaurants and public places in the city. Smoking won’t be banned in rooms set aside from the main serving area, but it will be illegal to provide any service in these rooms. No date has yet been set for implementation of the ban, this will be set by the Basel Stadt Cantonal government. Read more »

The Hash House Harriers

The Hash House what…?
“Running?…. Beer?…. Beer and running?… I’m not sure if I like that!” This is the normal reaction of people when I try to tell them about the Hash House Harriers – a movement of non-competitive “sports” clubs which boasts over 100,000 participants world-wide and around 1500 chapters. Read more »

My First Swiss Hospital Stay

It was about a year ago, I started having trouble with my neck and shoulder. A bit of stiffness, tingling in my fingers and troublesome aches and pains in my left arm. I thought it was quite painful until a Sunday morning I woke up, and I realised what pain really meant… Read more »

Boat trip to the Wine Museum on the Zurichsee

Old Winepress

Old Winepress

I’d been invited on a summer boat trip on the Zurichsee to the Weinbaumuseum at Au with dinner to follow on the “sunset cruise” around the lake and back – all the way from Enge haven in Zurich to the tax haven of Schwyz. Read more »


This article was first published on 10th April 2004

Brausebad has, to coin a phrase, “Location, Location, Location”. It also has one of Basel’s best parks. So what else does this pleasant quarter of Gross Basel have to offer?



Read more »

Democrats Abroad

Title: Democrats Abroad
Location: Unternehmen Mitte, Gerbergasse 30
Description: Democrats Abroad are meeting upstairs above the cafe ‘fumare non fumare’ at the Unternehmen Mitte to watch the US Presidential Debates. All are welcome – bring an American to register to vote and get a free campaign button! Win the trivia contest and win a Switzerland for Obama t-shirt!

Last minute opportunity to register to vote, request absentee ballots.

For more details about the event, please visit Silk Strategies or email or

Start Time: 16:00
Date: 2008-09-28
End Time: 19:00

Polish Pottery Open House in Maisprach/BL

When we meet another expat in or around Basel, it’s probably natural to assume they work for one of the big pharmaceutical companies, as so many of course do. But some expats have their own businesses here. Two such people are Karim Schlegel and Martha Gaio who together run Polish Pottery in Maisprach, Baselland near Rheinfelden. Read more »

A Drive to the UK via Metz (with pics)

First published on 10th October 2004

Every couple of years or so I get the urge for some old British favourites. Some of these items are too heavy to comfortably carry in a suitcase through Heathrow, or at least they are if you want to buy in bulk. But sometimes I just feel I’d like to enjoy the journey more, to turn it into something of an adventure… but where to stop en route? Read more »

Great Tram Journeys of Basel – Routes 15 and 16

Sometimes, you just can’t think of anything to do but want to be entertained without much effort. Perhaps you have some visitors, or want to just look around a bit more of Basel than is possible in a short time on foot. So why not go on a tram journey? Nick Steven went for a ride on the Number 15/16 trams… Read more »

Ich spreche Deutsch…well, sort of….

We all know what it feels like, struggling in a foreign language to make yourself understood when you don’t know quite enough words to explain further… here’s a typical example written by Shelley some time ago but as relevant today as it was back then. If you struggle with German, you aren’t alone… Read more »