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Basel Basel-Town Switzerland
Sunny current temperature: 32°C
real feel: 33°C
current pressure: 101 mb
humidity: 31%
wind speed: 2 mph NNW
Windgusts: 2 mph
sunrise: 7:01
sunset: 19:51
Forecast 11th September, 2023
Mostly clear
Mostly clear
Forecast 12th September, 2023
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

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Basel Curry Club

Once upon a time in Basel there was a group of people who met regularly once a month over a curry and some beer – and they always had fun! Well, the Basel Curry Club is back! Read more »

New French Law affects drivers

If you visit France much, perhaps for the weekly shop, or just to have a look around, a new French law has been introduced that you really should be aware of.

Read more »

My First Drive in Switzerland

Minus five degrees, a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side, a town I’d never been to before, trams, new road signs, give way to the right, no street map, no local passenger, no clue! Surely nothing else could go wrong… could it?

Read more »

Employing a Cleaner: What you Need to Know

Many people employ a cleaner for a few hours a week, but do you know your obligations under the law? Find out how to keep the tax authorities, the AHV authorities and the Fremdenpolizei off your back in this useful article written by lawyer, Gabrielle Grether…

Read more »

Allschwil Fasnacht

One week before the biggie in Basel, Allschwil has its own rather smaller scale Fasnacht celebrations. The cortege starts at 2pm on Sunday 22nd February and officially ends at 4pm – but few people actually go home just then!

If you fancy getting into the swing of Fasnacht early – and many Basel Clicques do just that in Allschwil – then go along to a small scale event that is much like the big one but without such big crowds.

There will be the normal mix of Guggemusik and traditional Fyfe and Drum Clicques, plus stuff to eat and drink.

And like all of these events – it’s all free!

The Herbstmesse Autumn Fair

 Every country has fairs, but what is the Herbstmesse Autumn Fair like in Basel?

Basel’s Autumn Fair has grown and grown and now takes in five different locations across the city, each with a different flavour and rhythm. Back in 2003 and 2004 we reviewed each of the locations for you to give you an idea of what to expect, and where. Read more »

How safe is your cash in your Swiss bank?

With markets in turmoil, finance in crisis, and banks in breakdown mode, just how safe is your money when you leave it in your Swiss bank? Read more »

Adopting a cat in Basel, not always a happy story

Adopting a pet (writes Shelley) is a time which should be happy and fun, a new furry life to share. But it isn’t always, particularly if you adopt from a shelter. In September, my husband and I picked out two adorable 3 month old kittens from a local shelter….. Read more »

My First Swiss German

I didn’t feel accepted in Switzerland until I mastered my first Swiss German phrase – then suddenly, doors opened… Read more »

My First Chat with a Border Guard

You know the feeling – the border is approaching – will they think you have done something wrong? Will they stop you? What will you say? It was 11 o’clock and I was driving back with my two older daughters after a very successful day out at the very impressive Rheinfalle in Schaffhausen, the largest waterfall in Europe. We’d eaten out, we were tired, and we were still an hour from Basel. Read more »